•1984 Fulbright Scholarship

•1986 Tucker-Voss Awards (Award for the research of building technology), Department of Architecture, School of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

•2000 Chiba Prefecture Architecture and Culture Award

•2001 International Illumination Design Awards, Edwin F. Guth Award for Interior Lighting Design, Special Citation for Innovative Use of Emerging Lamp Technology

•2002 Second Prize, Paper Competition on Research and Development on Architecture and Building Technology for Future, The Architectural Institute of Japan

•2004 Best paper Award, Paper Competition on the Development and Control of City Architecture, The Architectural Institute of Japan

•2005 Award for the Distinguished Activity of Arts, The City of Aomori

•2009 Hajime Umemura Award for the distinguished education, Shibaura Institute of Technology

•2016 Best Book Awards, Association of Urban Housing Sciences

•2022 AIJ Prize Research Paper Division
 A Series of Studies on the Transformation of Built Environments based on a Survey of the Occupancy and
 Renovation Histories of Multifamily Adaptable Housing with Movable Infill