Design Works as a Principal Architect

(1) PaLuLu Plaza Chiba: Cultural Complex in Chiba city
The Palulu Plaza Chiba is a facility for supporting local cultural activities. It is just three or four minutes' walk from the east exit of Chiba station. Based on a questionnaire distributed to citizens (700 citizens of Chiba aged 18 or older, sampled at random) and a hearing with the local government, it was decided that the facility should have an exclusive hall for music (719 seats), health improvement facilities (including a pool and machine-equipped gym), an information corner about the City of Chiba, and a number of conference rooms.

•2000 Chiba Prefecture Architecture and Culture Award
•2001 International Illumination Design Awards, Edwin F. Guth Award for Interior

(2) PaLuLu Plaza Aomori: City Hall in Aomori city
The PaLuLu Plaza Aomori is an auditorium with 1000 seats. It opened May 2001 next to The JR Aomori station. The auditorium became a new center for the citizen's activities in art and culture. The new facility has brought back the liveliness to the center of city. The local cedar was used to finish the interior wall of the auditorium. The building has contributed to promote the contemporary cultural activities by installing local artists' works like lacquer ware and the design of theater curtain.

•2005 Award for the Distinguished Activity of Arts, The City of Aomori

(3) Auditorium and Library, The Training Center, Kyushu Bureau of Postal Services
The training institute for the employees of the Kyusyu Bureau of Postal Services. A 500 seats auditorium is located on the ground floor and a library is located above it. The structural system of the building is pre-stressed reinforced concrete structure.

(4) Data Center for Postal Insurances
The computer center for the Postal Insurance located in Saitama prefecture.
It is one of the largest data center in the world.

(5) Nagasaki Airport Post Office
The Omura post office is a distribution center of mails and parcels to and from Nagasaki prefecture. It is located at the nearest site across the bridge from the Nagasaki International Airport.

(6) Takeo Post Office
Takeo post office is located in Saga prefecture and 3962 square meters.
It opened in 1992.

(7) Maebashi Higashi Post Office
The Maebashi Higashi post office is located and has 3296 square meters.
It opened in 1990.

(8) Nishi-Shinagawa Apartment
Twelve units housing for the employees of the Postal Services Agency located in Shinagawa ward of Tokyo.
It was constructed in 1989 and refurbished in 2001.

(9) Dormitory, The Central Training Center for the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
The annex of dormitory of the national training center for the Postal Services Agency.
It is located in Kunitachi city of Tokyo and opened in 1990.